1. MAC, PC (Windows,) and Linux
    Homeport Electronics has vast experience in all three of the most popular operating systems. Whether for home use, business use, or server use, we are able to assist you.
  2. Virus and Malware/Spyware Removal
    Viruses, Malware, Spyware, and Security are a constant battle for both PC and Mac users. Homeport Electronics can clean your computer and develop a plan with you to determine solutions to keep your machines clean and running smoothly.
  3. Hardware Repair and Upgrades
    RAM upgrades, Hard Drive replacements, Updated Video Cards: Let the knowledgeable people at Homeport Electronics help.
  4. Remote Support
    Homeport Electronics uses the latest in Remote Session Support giving us the ability to remote into your computer to do many of the things that used to require us to be hands-on with computers. Whether you need quick assistance with a printer or you have a malware infection, we can be there to help.
  5. Networking
    We have 20+ years in both wired and wireless network design and support.
  6. Advanced Wireless
    Homeport Electronics has worked with WiFi systems for several years. Whether it is for your home, office, or an advanced network such as a large bunkhouse, or a 10+ mile PtP link, we can design what you need.
  7. Marine Navigation
    As the commercial fishing fleet continues to progress in its utilization of technology, computer systems become a vital aspect of the fishing operation. Homeport Electronics will assist you with integrating the latest technologies in your fishing vessel. We are dealers for Coastal Explorer, Nobeltec, and Olex. We also have many years of experience with NMEA0183 connections and the newer NMEA2000 Connections.
  8. Homeport Managed Computer Services
    Homeport Eelctronics is excited to provide our clients with our new Managed Computer Service. Please click below for more information.
Homeport Remote Support
Homeport Managed Computer Service